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The Trash Talk Between Jon Jones & Francis Ngannou Rages On

C'monnnn MMA Gods! Give us this! Please! If you're taking Khabib/Ferguson away from us, give us this! 

As I mentioned yesterday, UFC President Dana White said he'd make this fight happen if these guys actually wanted to do it, but he wasn't too sure they were fully into the idea. 

I think he said that because sometimes, fighters talk shit online with the intention of building their own brands, or if they're thinking about fighting each other sometime into the faaar, far future, and he's dealt with that before - so he's sorta calling their bluff/gauging their real interest with that comment. Either that, or he's really don't know. That's what I'm guessing.

Regardless, I just need to see this fight happen. I don't care what it takes. There's been some great, organic shit talk here, and if it's not capitalized on soon it's just gonna be all for nothing. Strike while the iron is hot! Get these fellas on Fight Island!

War Ngannou!!