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I Am The Dumbest Human On The Planet

There comes a point every young man's life where they start to think about the future. They think about the trajectory of their career, the money they have saved up and how to prepare for retirement. If you're lucky, you get in with a good company and that carries you the distance. You invest wisely and spend modestly so when it's time to call it quits, you're ready. Having said that, there are times where a calculated risk makes sense. For instance, if a global pandemic destroys the economy and cripples the stock market, maybe you throw a few bucks in the game for the bounce back. Which is exactly what I realized I should've done when Penn's stock surged past $25 per share this morning, up from $4 about two months ago. 

I tweeted about it the second the reality of the situation hit me:

The worst part is, I had opened an account with Fidelity when it was $4, but I got cold feet when I went to make the trade. I didn't fully understand the platform, so instead of asking for help I closed the browser and went to get lunch. That decision, not to sound dramatic, fucked me pretty hard. I would've had a couple year's worth of rent had I not went to get that turkey sandwich. Right now I feel like Tony Soprano when he bet the Jets in season six. Technically I won because I didn't lose any money, but I also didn't make any which is a touch pill to swallow. Especially when it's the talk of twitter...

So what's the moral of the story? It's exactly what I said in the tweet- trust your instincts, trust the process, and if you have a question or need advice ASK. Sometimes the risk is well worth the reward. 

In conclusion, I'm over it. Water under the bridge as they say. No sense in crying over spilled milk. Besides, if the stock does well, we all do well. Barstool to the moon. 

And that's the tea…