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Actually, Kerryon Johnson Is About To Become The Greatest Running Back Ever By Spending Time On The Beach With His Girlfriend, Who Is A Former MTV: The Challenge Champion

So JackMac blogged this earlier today and made some very good points about Kerryon Johnson firing back at the haters who think he can't train just because he's taking pictures on the beach with his girlfriend. Just because you are uploading pictures of you and your girlfriend on the beach instead of videos of you jumping boxes in the gym doesn't mean you aren't doing that.

However, Jack Mac missed the biggest positive of Kerryon hanging out on the beach with his girlfriend. His girlfriend's name is Ashley AKA Ashley K AKA former Real World star and champion of The Challenge Ashley Marie Kelsey.

Any juiced up muscle head trainer can get you to strengthen your muscles and get your cardio up before an NFL season. But a Challenge champion has gone through all that plus can teach Kerryon how to mentally handle of being around a bunch of hypercompetitive crazy people for months at a time (likely not all that different than an NFL locker room). I know that Kerryon has had both his seasons derailed by injury issues. But every Challenge competitor has the fear of quitting burned into them from TJ Lavin, so I don't see Kerryon leaving the field this season unless he's dead. 

Ashley K's only flaw seems to be decision making since she dated Zach and Dario. However, big picture decisions like that are more a quarterback thing that Matt Stafford has to worry about, while Ashley can work on the quick decision making running backs need through puzzle solving, which is something I bet even the best running back coach on the planet hasn't thought of yet.

So I am officially moving Kerryon Johnson up my Fantasy Big Board after seeing this news but I'm moving DeAndre Swift down my Big Board unless he starts dating Laurel, Cara Maria, or any ex-champ of The Challenge. Bend the knee to the next great running back coach.

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