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It Is With A Heavy Heart That I Finally Have To Disagree With Paul Pierce

God dammit Paul. Why are you doing this to me? I've tried to sit down and write this blog like 15 times already because it goes against every single thing I believe in. Disagreeing with Paul Pierce in favor of........LeBron???? I'm sick to my stomach but I need to maintain my unbiased stance that when it comes to listing an all time NBA Top 5 if you leave our LeBron you're just being a gigantic dumb dumb. I get it, Pierce and LeBron were rivals. You can knock Pierce as a player all you want, but this dude stepped up when he was in his prime and had to face LeBron. How can we forget his epic Game 7 in 2008

But stop it. On what planet should anybody be putting Kobe Bryant ahead of LeBron James in any all time ranking. I'm not totally sure Lakers fans would even do that. I broke this down a few days ago and it's honestly not even all that close

Lebron stats: 27.1 points / 7.4 rebounds / 7.4 assists / 1.6 steals / 0.8 blocks / 50% FG / 34% 3P% with 1.5 3PM / 116 Ortg / 104 Drtg 

Kobe stats: 25.0 points / 5.2 rebounds / 4.7 assists / 1.4 steals / 0.5 blocks / 44% FG / 32% 3P% with 1.4 3PM / 110 Ortg / 105 Drtg 

For those who want to scream RINNNGZZZZ, LeBron over the course  his career blows Kobe away in terms of postseason and Finals production. Championships have a whole lot more to do with who you play with, and Paul knows that! It's how he got his only ring! 

Listen, I'll ride or die with Paul Pierce on pretty much anything he says on television. That's how it goes for someone like me. He was my Larry Bird. He brought me the only title I've ever witnessed with my own eyes. But I simply cannot ride with him on this one. This is some shit Skip Bayless would say and I get it, I understand that haters are gonna hate but you can still do that while admitting that LeBron is at the very least a top 5 player all time. Let's not go overboard and instead use common sense.

Now if you'll excuse me I now need to clean all the vomit off the keyboard and go take like 34 showers. I hate that Paul made me do this.