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Inspirational Playboy Model Has To Use A Different Name Because She's Going To Be A Doctor And Doesn't Want Patients Googling Her

[Source] - But one Playmate determined to smash the ‘bimbo’ association is Danielle Lupo, 24, who has just graduated from pre-medical school and is now looking to progress to a doctor.

But while Dani is hard at work studying during the day, at night she strips off her stethoscope and dons her bunny tail to work at New York’s Playboy club, which is currently closed due to lockdown.

“For my full nude pictorial in Czech Republic I used a different name, because I’m going to be a doctor one day and I don’t want people Googling me and seeing that.”

Everyone meet Danielle Lupo. She's training to be a hero and I mean that sincerely. If you're a doctor and can literally save my life, you're a hero. She just grad from pre-med even! Now she's working on becoming the doctor while also posing for Playboy and working at the Playboy club. Like I said, say hello to Danielle: 

Now don't get me wrong. I understand the premise here. She wants to be a respected doctor and you can 100% be that while also posing nude. Ain't nothing wrong with that at all. But can you really use a different name if you do an article and have a picture with your social media handle? Feel like if she walks in as my doctor I'm 100% going to google her. 

I really hope she uses a terrible nickname for her Playboy name like it's a Barstool staple. Kevin has talked about it before when he started blogging as KFC as if people would never figure it out. I remember the same thing when Keith asked me what I wanted my blogger name to be and I went with Reags thinking people would never guess it stems from the last name Reagan. Need her to have a Playboy nickname like that. 

In the mean time shout out Danielle who has been helping out during coronavirus and becoming a doctor.