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Knoxville Is So Fired Up That Tennessee Fans Are Posting In-Depth Film Breakdowns of Coach Duggs

So the biggest news in college football broke last night, which is that Gus Duggerton left Texas Tech after winning the Cotton Bowl in his first season to become the head coach at the University of Tennessee.

"Power T Tape" regularly breaks down film of Tennessee and its opponents in pretty exquisite detail and now he's breaking down Coach Duggs to give the fans in Knoxville an idea of what to expect from the offensive guru and what style we'll be seeing brought to the SEC.

This is why you agree to become the head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers. There is no better fanbase in this country. I'm sure the fans in Lubbock and every other stop on Coach Duggs's journey treated him well, but I guarantee you there was not anybody breaking down film in order to see what offensive style was coming to their school.

I'm fired up to have Coach Duggs get to work and I'm ready to see him bring a seventh national championship home to Rocky Top. The SEC has been put on notice.