Pilot on a DC to Denver Flight Ordered 50 Pizzas For The Plane After The Flight Was Delayed For 5 Hours



DM – In an era where airlines rarely offer complimentary peanuts anymore, it’s surprising that a captain would go out of his way to feed passengers on a delayed flight. But that’s just what one unnamed Frontier Airlines pilot did this week when he reached into his own wallet to pay for a round of pizzas. The kind act happened on a flight from Washington, D.C. Monday night, bound for Denver. Frontier Airlines flight 719 was scheduled to leave at 5:48pm, according to, but didn’t leave the tarmac until nearly an hour later. And the flight only went downhill from there. As the plane approached the Denver area, they ran into a severe thunderstorm and the captain was forced to circle around the western Nebraska until the storm cleared. But when the plane started to run low on fuel, it diverted to the airport in Cheyenne, Wyoming to wait out the bad weather. After about an hour on the tarmac, the passengers were starting to get agitated in the hot Airbus A320. That’s when the captain realized that neither he nor the passengers had ate in quite a long time. ‘The captain took his own initiative,’ passenger Logan Marie Torres, and also Miss Colorado United States Teen 2014, told KDVR. ‘He said “Ladies and gentleman, Frontier Airlines is known for being one of the cheapest airlines in the US, but your captain is not cheap. I just ordered pizza for the entire plane.”’ The captain ordered 50 pizzas which were handed out to the appreciative passengers by the flight crew. Miss Torres took several pictures of the flight attendants bringing the pizza boxes through the cabin to passengers with smiles on their faces. The plane remained on the ground in Cheyenne for about two hours before finally taking off for Denver, arriving just before midnight – five hours late.


We throw the word “hero” around pretty loosely nowadays. Baseball players aren’t heros. This guy is. This guy is up there with the deli guy who cuts too much deli meat but only makes you pay for what you ordered, and still gives you the extra in terms of hero. Being a pilot and understanding there is nothing worse than sitting on a plane in Wyoming so you say fuck it and order everyone pizza is the pure definition of hero. Because face it, flying fucking sucks. You sit in a tube with smelly people and crying babies and suspicious people with tans and have to deal with the person who won’t turn off their “reading light” when all you want to do is comfortably sleep after popping 3 nyquils. Then next thing you know you’re circling corn fields in Nebraska and sitting on runways in Cheyenne for two hours. They were a singing flight attendant reminding them how to buckle their seatbelt from wishing the plane plowed directly into the rocky mountains and ending the misery until the pilot bought them all za’s. That’s a heroic effort. As far as pilots go, it’s Sully 1, pizza pilot 2. Hopefully he’ll get a book deal and made for TV movie too. He deserves it more than anyone.