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If You Chirp Shaq About His Free Throws Be Prepared For Him To Tell You He Banged Your Mom

OK there's a lot to unpack here. First of all, at no point in this thread was Shaq's handle tagged so honestly I'm not sure how he saw it. From my quick research it doesn't appear that he follows @Ballislife or @BleacherReport so maybe this was RT'd onto his timeline or something and he clicked into it and saw that chirp. Either that or he seaches "Shaq" on Twitter which would be lame so I'm going to go with the first theory. 

Which brings us to the response. Normally I'd say any time someone throws our a "your momma" come back it's pretty sad. Like what are you 10? But when Shaq does it like he did in that tweet, I dunno, it plays. The best part about Shaq's response is that he's in no way lying. This man was a beast in the Finals and the numbers back it up despite struggling from the line. 

1999-2000 vs IND: 38.0/16.7/2.7 (shot 31% from the FT line)

2000-01 vs PHI: 33.0/15.8/4.8/3.4 (shot 51% from the FT line)

2001-02 vs NJN: 36.3/12.3/3.8/2.8 (shot 66% from the FT line)

2005-06 vs DAL: 13.7/10.2/2.8/0.8 (shot 29% from the FT line)

OK so that 2006 title maybe wasn't as dominant but the man was 34 at the time. This leads me to believe that Shaq maybe wasn't lying either about banging this dude's mom. Shaq is a lot of things, but a liar isn't exactly one of them. We all know Shaq wasn't the best from the charity stripe, he finished a career 52.7% shooter, but in no way did that stop him from being one of the most dominant forces of all time, which is why that guy's chirp fails so badly. I'd say this was a tough look, but then after a few hours he decided to respond to Shaq

Sometimes you just need to realize when you're defeated and take the L. Because waiting that long and coming back with such a weak ass response only makes things worse. You chirped Shaq not thinking he'd ever see it, he did, he boom roasted you to the moon, you have to just take it. You come at the king you best not miss and you certainly need to come with something stronger than his FT shooting. 

I know Twitter is usually a terrible place, but this is why I'm so thankful I live in 2020. Athletes having a direct line of communication to their haters is one of the best parts of that app. You can't even get a lame Shaq joke off without the possibility of him telling you he's had sex with your mother. What a weird time we live in.