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I Was Today Years Old When I Found Out That MY BLUE HEAVEN Is A Comedic Sequel To GOODFELLAS

I was listening to the Unspooled podcast episode about GOODFELLAS just a little while ago (the show breaks down each entry on the AFI Top 100 in random order). Host Amy Nicholson told a story about the late writer Nora Ephron and MY BLUE HEAVEN that I'd never heard before. Her then-husband Nicholas Pileggi was interviewing gangster-turned-rat Henry Hill for Pileggi's book "Wise Guy" which would later get turned into GOODFELLAS. Ephron would also take part in these interviews for her own work purposes.

In addition, according to Hill, he would call their house at all hours, half-on-the-wrapper. If Nick wasn't available, Nora would shoot the shit with him and let him vent about his new suburban hell. These chats would also help lay the groundwork for what would eventually become the Steve Martin/Rick Moranis 1990 cult comedy MY BLUE HEAVEN. Even though it's a different name and completely different movie, Vinnie Antonelli is also based on Henry Hill. 

This isn't some scoop---it's been written about before---but somehow I just never was aware that MY BLUE HEAVEN is basically GOODFELLAS 2: THE EGG NOODLES AND KETCHUP STORY. Wild stuff. 

My other favorite unintentional sequel?