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Alex Bregman Leaves Klutch Sports Just Days After LeBron's Film Company Announces an Astros Cheating Documentary In The Works

Well that was fast. It was just a few days ago LeBron James and Maverick Carter announced their Astros documentary coming out. 

Little backstory here....In April, Klutch Sports Group acquired Tidal Sports Group as they made their entry into the baseball world. The man guy on the Tidal Sports Group client list? Alex Bregman. He would join Klutch's big names headlined by LeBron, Anthony Davis, and Alvin Kamara. Klutch is of course owned by LeBron's buddy Rich Paul and although it's been reported LeBron doesn't have any ownership stake you can assume there's more there than led on to believe. 

One would think based on the bread crumbs here that Bregman got butt hurt at the Astros documentary announcement with LeBron so heavily tied to his new agency and bailed. You know? Because the Astros third baseman was on the team in 2017 that cheated its way to a World Series title. Don't think he's too pleased about a documentary coming out about it that's basically spear headed by his new representation. 

YOU CAN RUN ALEX BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE!!! The truth always wins!!!

On the real this has to be very awkward for everyone involved, including Bregman. The main reason Klutch bought Tidal in the first place was Bregman. Dude is just starting a $100 million deal and will have a huge payday coming again at some point in the future. I wonder if the 50/50 agent split bothered him as well. 

Now he's gone and they're left with Marcus Stroman as their baseball headliner. Yikes. Maybe the doc wasn't the best idea here.