It Appears Joe Rogan Just Got The Bag From Spotify

Talk about a big 36 hours or so for the podcasting world. While our friends at Call Her Daddy fumbled the bag, Joe Rogan has secured it.

God knows how much Spotify paid for Rogan's podcast. It's reported he has over 190+ million downloads PER MONTH. That is ungodly numbers. 

I'm not even going to guess how much Spotify gave him. I'd assume it's over 8 figures annually for exclusive rights. I could be wrong, but Rogan is one of the biggest names in media right now. His reach is massive. His fans are rabid. The guests he can get are endless. No number would shock me to be completely honest.

If you're wondering what Joe Rogan does to your stock, the news was announced at 2:30 PM:

The only thing I hope is Spotify doesn't block Eddie Bravo from coming on. That would break my heart. 

P.s. Rogan should really have Dave on. I think it would be one of his most popular podcasts ever.