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Brick By Brick: Stoolies Are Showing Their Support For Dave Portnoy

God damn! Stack them bricks, baby! Stacking bricks like my friend (not actually my friend but I hate being mean) El Chappo. Talkin cocaine. cocaína. White Tan.

Now listen, jokes aside, I need to learn how to move bricks like this because I’m building an outdoor kitchen for my big green egg and I don’t wanna buy a wheelbarrow or some shit that I’d use for like one task. I’d rather just toss them red bitches on my grape and bound to the backyard with the style and grace that would leave you breathless like I’m the Corrs smash hit from their studio album Blue which debuted to critical acclaim in 2000. Breathless has been viewed over 1.3 million times and it’s obvious to see why. Here’s your long distance dedication to Peter Full-Nelson’d because he’s in the grips of the internet’s camel clutch to the point of gasping; it’s breathless by the Corrs.

Weird blog but that’s ok.