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Liquor Stores On Wheels Need To Become The New Ice Cream Trucks


“Think of the pop-up model for food, but for a liquor store,” Sara adds for a comparison. She informs L.A. Taco that they are considering popping up alongside some pop-up taquerías and other food vendors to create an impromptu food and drink community on the spot.   

Their model will be cashless right now due to COVID-19 and provide the transaction as contact-free as possible. Customers will have to purchase their goods beforehand online on their website via Toast. However, Steven and Sara do share that they plan on having a few extra goodies available for walk-up customers walking by to purchase via mobile cashless Apps like Venmo and Paypal.

I know there are websites and delivery services like this already that bring your whatever adult beverage you want but the idea of a liquor store on wheels is so genius and necessary it needs to happen. All of those services that exist you need to preorder ahead of time. Well what if a dude just pulled up in an ice cream truck but instead of snow cones he had beer, RBVs, shots, and all sorts of cocktails ready to go. Billion dollar idea. We already lightened the laws where restaurants are allowed to be doing to-go drinks, why not take it one step further. 

Imagine the sudden excitement that would overcome your body when you hear the jingle at 5:00 PM coming down your block. It's the alcohol man! Siri play Tipsy by J-Kwon

Yeah, Yeah
Yo, two step wit' me, two step wit' me

One, here comes the two to the three to the four
Everybody drunk out on the dance floor
Baby girl ass jiggle like she want more

*Rummage through your house for loose change, cash, your phone, your credit card anything that can provide the liquor man with United States dollars and sprint out to catch him as this blares....

Everybody in the club gettin' tipsy
(Everybody in the club gettin' tipsy)
Everybody in the club gettin' tipsy
(Everybody in the club gettin' tipsy)
Everybody in the club gettin' tipsy

Did I just fix the world's economy? Everyone gets drunk at home while we're stuck in quarantine, and alcohol prices skyrocket. Boom, fuck you corona. 

P.S. Bars used to be so much fun. I can't take this much longer. 

P.P.S. It's nonsense you can drink in public in other countries with no care in the world, but if you have an open container in a park here you get a ticket. Bullshit.