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Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou Is The Fight We All Need Right Now

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones has teased a potential jump to heavyweight many times in the past few years, and most recently, he's got MMA fans everywhere foaming at the mouth with the prospect of a Francis Ngannou superfight waiting in the wings for him....

Despite all of the shit talked back and forth there, Dana White said he isn't too sure these guys actually want to fight....

….and if that's true, and we're all just gonna get strung along for a few more years here, I'm gonna be pissed. 

This is the fight we all need right now! It's perfect! Everything about it is, from the timing, to the matchup, all of it!

Francis Ngannou is a fucking KILLER who actually has the potential to put Jones to sleep with one shot if he connects, and Jones hasn't had a big name opponent in a while. Sure, he's had close and competitive fights recently, but nobody was calling up their buddies that are just casual MMA fans and recommending they come over to watch Jones vs Reyes, or even Jones vs Smith, you know what I mean? This is a SUPERFIGHT in every sense of that term. Throw these two on Fight Island and we've got ourselves a fucking night! 

Here's a clip of Joe Rogan discussing this matchup just a few months back….