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Ladies, Grab The Mops: Harry Styles' 'Watermelon Sugar' Music Video Is Out And It's 'Dedicated To Touching'

Yesterday Harry Styles released the music video for his latest single, Watermelon Sugar, and it's already racked up nearly 10.7M views. Before the tune begins there's a quick dedication letting you know we're all about to get real horned up. In a time when we are touch starved, this thing is like a triple beer bong of physical contact to the face. 

You've got Styles stroking the deep, pink edge of a watermelon slice with the tip of his pink polished finger, a bunch of women who look like they're having 'When Harry Met Sally' style orgasms every time he takes a bite of the melon, a group of beautiful people writhing all around him... 

The vibe is very much Beach Blanket Bingo meets good 'ol fashioned orgy, minus all the various hole/nip/ball sightings. Not sure the song will be my bop of the summer but enjoyable nonetheless.



Fellas, place a couch pillow over those gray sweats. Ladies, have the mop handy.