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Good News: California State Schools May Still Play Football Even Though Students Won't Be On Campus This Fall

Last week, we received the news about California's state university system not bringing students back on campus in the fall. That was big news for three Mountain West schools: Fresno State, San Jose State, and San Diego State. Due to comments made by conference commissioners and the NCAA over the past month or so, it appeared that their college football season was all but finished. 

That all changed yesterday, as we received some good news about these schools still planning on paying in the fall:

SOURCE-San Diego State is looking at having football players return to campus no earlier than July 7 and is making plans to play the season as scheduled, athletic director John David Wicker said.

SDSU is proceeding because it envisions a fall schedule that includes a hybrid model of classes, in which some students will be on campus for in-person instruction such as labs while other classes will be held online.

NCAA President Mark Emmert said recently that campuses must be open “in one fashion or another” in order to have sports this fall.

If I'm understanding this right, if SDSU, FSU, and SJSU make up some bullshit in-person classes, their season will be a go. That won't be an issue. Have all the students take a Yoga class to fulfill some bullshit credit. The team is more flexible, fulfill a requirement, and get to play football this fall, which will allow other sports within SDSU not to lose out on money. Everyone wins. 

Another good sign for the college football season came from California and New York yesterday:

As we've said from the beginning, New York & California may be the biggest deciders if we have a normal season. 

Things are looking good right now. Let's cross our fingers.