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The Dirt On Doug Pederson's Quarantine Hobby That's Sure To Help Suck Up The Competition

It's called Barstool SPORTS, you guys. So here I am, 'ol Katie SPORTS News, with the hottest info of the year thus far. Earlier today Eagles insider Dave Spadaro interviewed coach Doug Pederson about how preparing for the season virtually has been going.

Pederson shared that he has a big video conference with both the athletes & staff every Tuesday & Thursday, and that the athletes send in videos of their workouts which the trainers piece together for motivational montages. Part of the reason for this is the coach's two main messages for pre-season: trust and being stronger together... 

But none of that stuff is really important. It's what he says at 18:50 that really blew my socks off and got me pumped for a winning year:

Spadaro: ...Take us inside the Pederson household. What have you become an expert in that you were not an expert in before March 13th when the Novacare complex closed? Have you become a master puzzle maker or a chef or a vacuum guy... what have you been doing really well at the Pederson household?

Pederson: It's funny that you bring up the vacuum. Um, I actually purchased a new vacuum so I've been on a little bit of a tear as far as vacuuming, keeping the house clean..

You heard it here first (unless you read the Tweet I put at the very top of this blog sort of negating the whole story) Pederson has been on an absolute mother-fuckin' tear with the vacuum. 

He's blizting dust-bunnies behind the couch, throwing the suction hose up above the cabinets for a Hail Mary dirt score, sacking grime in the zone... Some have joked that his new hobby means we're going to suck this year. I say it means we're going to brushroll the competition and drag them into a dander & cat hair-filled chamber from which they will never return or recover. All those losers can have their dust bowls. We'll take the Super Bowl, ha ha. LFG, Doug, LFG.