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A Bunch Of Orioles Legends Threw Brooks Robinson A Surprise Virtual Birthday Party And It Looked Like The Greatest Birthday Ever

Goddamn this is the greatest Zoom call I've ever seen. Not sure if people reading know this about me but I'm a diehard Orioles fan - like to the point where my son is named Camden. Long story short we moved to York, Pennsylvania when I was 3 (entire family from north Jersey) and my dad is a Mets fan. Told me he didn't want to pass that along with me and let me pick my team. The Os are the closest team to York and I wanted to cheer against all my family who liked the Yankees. Didn't hurt they had guys like Brady Anderson and Cal. 

So seeing this? The line 'look at that head that must be Cal' just warms my heart. A group of Cal, Brooks Robinson, Eddie Murray, Boog Powell and Jim Palmer together? Sign me the fuck up for that any day of the week. I could listen to these guys tell stories for days. The only one missing? The puppy named after Brooks Robinson

Look at that adorable pup. But this is about Brooks Robinson. The dude is arguably the greatest defensive 3rd baseman of all time. 16 consecutive Gold Glove awards. 23 years with the Orioles. Made the All Star Game 18 times. Won two World Series and a World Series MVP. Dude is a legend around Camden Yards. Now play the fucking jam: 

Happy birthday to the Houdini of the Hot Corner