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The Belmont Stakes Is Happening On June 20th With No Fans & I Am Smiling


The Belmont Stakes is about to fuck around and become the first leg of the Triple Crown in 2020? I guess so. What an odd occurrence! Obviously the last 2 months have made movies like Saw look normal yet, still this is gonna take some getting used to especially with it being a shorter race than usual. One of the best things about Belmont is the length. Although we are more than at the point that we'll take what we can get. A full day of racing on June 20th is something to look forward to.

I will say one thing though- THANK GOD there's no fans going down at this event. For starters, it's 100k+ people huddled up into the paddocks & shit like sardines so that surely will not fly with the coronavirus running rampant. Not to mention this is a massive weight of my shoulders for someone that both enjoys drinking events & lives 10 minutes Belmont Park. Every single damn year my whole month of May is simply my mind going back and forth on whether I should go to Belmont on the first Saturday in June. All the cool kids do it, but by golly all those people pack in there in the heat making for a MISERABLE time. I hope I don't get yelled at for this, but I may or may not have left before Justify won a few years ago due to being parched. Although that was a move coming from a Triple Crown veteran like myself as I was there for Pharoah day (nbd).

Yet that's neither here nor there, get ready for the Belmont Stakes on June 20th! I would be lying if I said that didn't feel ORGASMIC to type.