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Cindy Crawford's Daughter Has Nothing On Diletta Leotta's Flu Game Instagram Post

Earlier today Clem blogged about Cindy Crawford's daughter having her own flu game in the modeling world.  She's wearing a cast on her arm, a serious injury no doubt about it: 

It made me check in on my Internet girlfriend Diletta Leotta. And OH MY GOD SHE'S HURT! DILETTA LEOTTA IS HURT! 

And you know what? She's taking it in stride. That's why she's the greatest Italian soccer broadcaster in the game. That's why she's arguably the greatest soccer broadcaster in the game. Look at her caption: 

And every now and then I think back to when I was a child. When the biggest problem was choosing which game to play. When we were all friends, without grudges. When a little finger was enough to make peace. When everything was simpler. And then I realize that the peeled knees did not hurt so much.

You think just anyone can bounce back from that sort of knee injury? I don't think so. Now we just need Serie A to come back because Diletta is ready to work. She's out here literally sacrificing her body for the sport. It's only right that it comes back soon.