A Fan Spent Quarantine Writing A 24 Episode, 900 Page Screenplay For The Office Season 10

Let's face it, there isn't one single activity that anyone should be ashamed about doing for the past 2+ months. I mean it's quarantine. You've been stuck in a house forever, either completely isolated or with someone you need to desperately get away from — I've been alone in here for 69 days exactly today (nice). Whatever it is that is keeping you sane, there's no shame in it.

But using that time to write a 900 page complete 24 episode season 10 of The Office is right up there at the top of BEST uses of time, ever. Which is exactly what Nick Janicki has been doing, dropping all of the scripts this morning. 

Can't wait to dive into these, maybe come back and update everyone on the best "episodes" — got high hopes for the two-parters Bachelor and Chill and Tropical Christmas.  

I mean even if they are complete trash — they're somethin to do!