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Who Has The Best High School Hoops Mixtape?

I watched this interview with John Wall yesterday and started thinking about high school mixtapes. Sure we could talk about John Wall putting an ultimatum into his recruitment by saying he's not going to Kentucky if Xavier Henry was going there because Henry was a chucker. But we're going to talk about the best high school mixtapes instead. I posed this question after watching it: 

Then I thought about the question Jeff D Lowe put into a blog and decided let's run it for hoops

The two that always pop into mind for me is Seventh Woods and Aquille Carr. Perhaps it was the name, but they are the two that I always think of when I hear 'high school hoops mixtape.' 

Aquille Carr

Carr was 5'6" athletic as shit with unreal handles. I wish we got to see him in college hoops for a year just to see him vs a college coach. He was supposed to go to Seton Hall before he decided to skip college and just play overseas instead. It was also the fact he was doing this in Baltimore. That city fucking LOVES high school hoops. They had to move his games to Morgan State because of how big he was. 

Seventh Woods

An all-time name with an all-time mixtape. Seventh Woods was as hyped of a young player in high school hoops as ever because of this mixtape. He ended up getting a scholarship to UNC so it worked out but obviously he never turned into the guy a lot of people thought. He just transferred to South Carolina but he looked like he was going to be a No. 1 pick back in high school. 

John Wall

John Wall was the perfect sort of guy to have a mixtape. The dude was fast as shit, athletic as hell and could do it all. He was like watching Derrick Rose all over again. He might have the legit best mixtape in terms of talent and entertainment on the mixtape. He obviously became a star at Kentucky and the future No. 1 overall pick. 

Zion Williamson

Nothing really to say about Zion. The dude was blogged about his entire high school life. He was the freak dunker that was just making kids look silly in South Carolina. Just an absolute freak. 

OJ Mayo

OJ Mayo was that guy in high school. He started his career at a small school in Kentucky as a seventh graders before moving to Cincinnati and playing with Bill Walker. Mayo was one of those guys that I remember you would read about in actual print and everyone wanting to see him play. His recruiting was a major story. 

Marcus LoVett 

A guy who ended up playing at St. John's before he left early to play pro ball. His isn't as known but if you follow recruiting you remember this mixtape. 

Other insane mixtapes

Austin Rivers 

Derrick Rose

Andrew Wiggins

It's easy to get into rabbit holes during quarantine and that happened with high school mixtapes. Drop the best one or your favorite one in the comments or on Twitter.