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PFT & Brandon Walker Look To Start A Winning Streak In The Dozen Trivia Competition (LIVE At 11|10c)

Who ya got folks!?

Team Captain Nate selected Trent and Fran for his team today as PFT & Brandon Walker look for their second two-match winning streak in The Dozen: Trivia Competition.

Here is how things have fared so far for the guys:
Match 001: vs. Marty Mush, Eddie, Billy from Phoenix - W, 12-9 (1-0)
Match 002: vs. Smitty, Tommy Smokes, Will from Denver - L, 9-11 (1-1)
Match 003: vs. Tommy Smokes, Will from Denver - L, 5-16 (1-1)
Match 004: vs. KB, Nick, Pat from Columbia - W, 11-6 (2-1)
Match 005: vs. Coley, Trill Withers, Tyler from Philly - W, 9-7 (3-1)
Match 006: vs. Ellie, Glenny Balls, Ramsey from Atlanta - L, 5-11 (3-2)
Match 007: vs. Big Cat, Rone, Joey Mulinaro - L, 7-11 (3-3)
Match 008: vs. White Sox Dave, Carl, Chief - W, 10-9 (4-3)

Their record is now 4-3 and they are down on aggregate question score by a total of 59 to 69.

Make sure to catch up on The Dozen, especially our previous episode with the Chicago guys ahead of their re-match on Thursday (May 21st):

You can watch the entire series by clicking this entire sentence you're reading.

See everyone at 11|10c live here on the blog or on The show will be uploaded later on today as well.