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The Next 10 Part Sports Documentary Should Easily Be About The Malice At The Palace

The question has been circling around online since the last couple episodes of The Last Dance aired on Sunday: 

What should be the next big sports documentary? 

For me it's incredibly easy - The Malice at The Palace.

Side note - you gotta give credit to Mike Breen on the play by play call of the whole thing. Nowadays we have a lot of Kevin Harlan instances where a cat runs onto the field and they jokingly call it while play is stopped. Not this time. THIS is the most professional broadcasting. 

Who isn't curious about this whole thing? There's so many threads and storylines and points of view that would make it so interesting. 

The first four parts could just cover this night and the immediate aftermath alone. Hearing Stephen Jackson and Ron Artest's raw uncut thoughts on this? Ben Wallace and Reggie Miller, too? Not to mention Mike Breen, BILL WALTON on the call as well. 

I mean the personalities alone would be phenomenal then to add on the in-depth breakdown of what went down with this scene. And this is speaking as a Pacers fan. This derailed our best shot at winning an NBA title we've probably definitely ever had. 

That team was stacked. Suspensions came and it was never the same. 

Still will never get over how shitty of a job Detroit's security / law enforcement did that night. It was a free-for-all at the highest level. But that's another storyline that would be touched on. 

How did the teams respond? What was going on with the people in the Pacers and Pistons front offices when this breaks out on a random Friday night in November. Talk about a fire drill. 

"This is a disgrace" Bill Walton said during the broadcast. It's true. It was a skid mark for the NBA for a while, but damn I think this would be the most fascinating behind the scenes in depth story ever.