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Wake Up With Some Toni Kukoc Dominance

I'm not really sure The Last Dance did a great job of really talking about how good Toni Kukoc really was. There was the part about him getting dominated while playing Team USA because Jerry Krause liked him, and then the part where he hit the game winner one the play that Scottie Pippen refused to come back in for, but make no mistake this dude was nice as hell. He was basically a player that showed flashes of Luka before Luka and everyone loves Luka. 

I really think he's one of those players that came into the league just a littttttle too early. He's basically your ideal small ball four in today's NBA. A 6'10 stretch four that can shoot from the outside but also put the ball on the floor and create for others? That's a close to a max player in 2020. For a guy that was a second round pick I'd say he had himself a pretty awesome career, and while certain people think he maybe 1should be in the HOF I won't go that far, but I will give him his props with a Wake Up blog. That's basically the same thing.