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Even If It Sounds Like The Biggest Lie Ever, I 100% Believe Jerry Jones Is Insane Enough To Offer LeBron A Contract To Play For The Cowboys During The 2011 Lockout

When I first saw this clip I was ready to call LeBron a liar and go off on him. But then I remembered, if there's one team that would actually send a contract to LeBron it would be the Cowboys. The only other team that would do this would be the Al Davis Raiders, no doubt about it. Jerry Jones falls in love with shit like this. Remember he signed Rico Gathers, the former Baylor hoops player to play tight end. 

I could see Jerry Jones on his yacht hearing that LeBron is working out and then watching his high school tapes and convincing himself that Jason Witten could 100% teach LeBron how to be the second tight end. Imagine if this actually happened though. It would be the biggest news in sports history. It would be bigger than LeBron leaving for Miami. And of course he'd go to the Cowboys - remember, he's a Yankees/Indians and Cowboys fan. It sums up who LeBron is perfectly. 

I will say this. There is no bigger lie than LeBron vividly remembering every dream. That's impossible. You don't know every time you dream about playing football and waking up right before you get on the field. LeBron would refuse to play though in his dream. He can say how he wants to. I don't care how big he is, imagine him going across the middle and getting a ball a little too far in front of him and getting laid out. He'd be waiting for the stretcher immediately. 

Fucking Jerry Jones. The man hates negotiating contracts but he'd pull a stunt like this no doubt about it.