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Wake Up With 10 Minutes Of Knee Buckling Curveballs

If you have Derrick Rose knees, don't watch curveballs buckling the best hitters in the game. I almost fell a few times just watching Clayton Kershaw, Blake Snell, Noah Syndergaard, Rich Hill, Adam Wainwright, and these studs throw the deuce. If you want to see some real magic, fast forward to 4:18 and watch Greg Maddox go to work. Hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in sports, just ask Michael Jordan. Hitting a 12-6 curveball may be the toughest of all pitches to hit too. Just watch how helpless these hitters are at the plate. It's like they're swinging a pool noodle. It's wild how embarrassing some of these hitters look at the plate when a good curveball gets thrown. If I was in the box I legit may swing out of my shoes and miss by a good 8-10 inches.