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This Girl's Reaction To Getting A Puppy Is The Most Genuine Reaction Video To Ever Hit The Internet


What a way to end the day. This is just so great. We'll get to the best "WHAT THE FUCK?!" ever captured, but we should not pass over the fact she was genuinely excited for the bike as well. That's what made this video for me. She was already super pumped about the bike, and then when she saw it was actually a puppy, she went bananas, and rightfully so.

And please, let's all give a round of applause for the realest "WHAT THE FUCK" of all time. You know she knows she's not supposed to say that, but it was so natural, and again, so genuine. She just let those emotions flow.

Haven't seen a reaction video like that since lil dude got an avocado 


Hope everyone had a good day. It was certainly something here at Barstool Sports. Boy. You wake up in the morning and you never know what's going to happen. What will tomorrow bring? Hopefully something as exciting as getting that puppy. And that's how you end a blog. Bam.