Does This Look Like The Face Of A Nationals Pitcher Who Is Upset That So Many O's Fans Showed Up To Nats Park Last Night?



The Sun —  Washington Nationals star pitcher Stephen Strasburg seemed a bit sad about vocal Orioles fans during the Nationals’ 8-2, 11-inning loss in Washington last night. “Well, maybe someday it’ll be different,” Strasburg, who fanned nine in seven innings but was victimized by a Nelson Cruz home run, said in a video posted by MASN. “But obviously that franchise has been a lot longer than we have. Can’t really worry about it too much. Hopefully, our fans travel well after tomorrow.” It’s a pretty diplomatic answer from a player who never says much, but his face in the video tells the story. Whether it’s at the question or the fans is up for debate. The crowd Monday seemed mostly split until the end, when the Orioles fans (and players) seemed to take over.


Hilarious. Not a good look for the Nationals faithful at all. The Nats have built up a reputation for having other teams’ fan bases invade their ballpark, and admittedly the O’s aren’t innocent in that regard by any means. But I’ve never seen an Oriole put on the big mopey face like Stras did right there over it. Just a spilt milk face because the big bad birds traveled the 25 miles down to DC and made a little noise. And by a little noise, I mean a ton of noise. I’m not sure there were any Nats fans left at the game after the 7th inning, and it was tied. And then the O’s went HAM on the Nats and won like a million to two and it was an orange-out. Stras should be pouting at his lineup and bullpen for once again not doing shit for him. Baltimore’s real deep in Strasburg’s head and we all know it. And maybe Nats fans should you know, show up.