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The Daddy Gang, In Their All Out Assault Of Peter Nelson, Caught Noah Syndergaard With A Hilarious Ricochet Shot

Tough day on the interwebs to be a fella named Peter Nelson. Gay Pat just put out a whole blog consisting of all the memes that are targeted at this guy. The internet is firing every last gun in the bullet at him with no regard for human life. Along in the crossfire a woman named Madison Pineda made a TikTok that caught my eye. Just roasting everyone we thought Alex and Sofia were dating only to find out it was Peter and....Mets bum Noah Syndergaard. 

Not sure if #DaddyGang had ever seen what Noah looked like sans the picture where he's getting fingers shoved down his throat at the Knicks game, but this TikTok was ruthless.

Incredible. Poor old Noah is sitting at home rehabbing a torn UCL and got caught with an all-time ricochet shot by the Daddy Gang. Just when you think you're safe they come and get ya.