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Reader Email - FSU Spring Breaker Bites Head Off Live Hamster...WTF Is Going On Around Here??

Reader Email

I saw yall uploaded the goat video from Tulane so I thought I’d share with you this video from spring break in Florida.

drunk college kids from some fraternity (i cant remember which) dared this kid to bite off a hamster’s head so he did it. i didnt know what to do with it but when i saw the stupid college kid goat thing i thought id upload this one too. people are terrible

-FSU Hank



What the hell is going on out here?! (Vince Lombardi voice).


We got live goats being decapitated.  We got hamsters getting their heads ripped off.  What the fuck happened to drinking and doing drugs and partying?  Is that good enough for these damn kids these days?  It’s fun guys!  I promise!  It’s definitely more fun than slaughtering animals on Youtube!