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Did Woj Just Hint That The NBA Season Is In Fact Coming Back?

First things first. This is a big time blow to the Jazz and whatever hope they might have had about making a run in the West. Things definitely get more interesting now if the season starts back up again with the current playoff matchups where UTA is slated to face OKC. He's the Jazz's second leading scorer, best three point shooter in terms of 3PM (3.0) while also shooting 41% from deep and honestly one of their best late game/high pressure players. This is a guy that shoots 44/37.5% in clutch situations and has a couple game winners under his belt this season. Having him on the floor in those big moments is huge for a guy like Donovan Mitchell who is normally going to get all the attention. Of players who have played at least 35 "clutch" situations (what Bogy has), Bogdanovic ranks 6th in net rating at 14.6 (Mitchell is 14.9). He's for sure a weapon. 

I guess this makes the roles of Mike Conley/Joe Ingles/Jordan Clarkson even more important. Tough blow for UTA that's for sure and if I'm OKC I am foaming at the mouth for this series now. Especially since their season series was split 1-1.

But I also couldn't help but notice how Woj worded that tweet. Maybe it's out of habit, but "season-ending" injury makes my quarantine brain think that maybe, just maybe he's hinting that there will be in fact an NBA season at some point. If the feeling out there was that there would be no season at all, he could have just said surgery right? Take out the "season-ending" part and leave everything else the same and it's a normal tweet. It already says that he'll be out until 2020-21 starts up so we all get that he won't play again in 2019-20. He didn't need the "season-ending" part in my opinion unless there was a season to actually come back to.

Is this a stretch? Probably. But we're on Day 69 (not nice) of this shit and sometimes you have to read in between the lines. I'm not saying Woj just guaranteed that the NBA will one day be back later this summer, but I'm not NOT saying he didn't. Let's go.