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I Am Now Rooting For Something Horrible To Happen To KFC Radio's Joey Langone

Fuck you dude. It's a Monday for Christ's sake. I've sat in bed working in a pitch black room, hidden from the rest of the world to start my day. I scrolled through Twitter and came across a video from our pals over at KFC Radio. I expected a good laugh given how their podcast usually leaves me. We're in quarantine, we all need a good laugh these days, especially on a Monday. 

*Starts video

Alright nope, not a laugh at all. In fact I'm the most scared I've ever been in my life. My heart is racing. I'm legit trembling. I had contemplated not finishing the video either and then decided it was only 25 seconds so why not? Well, I'm now going to live the rest of my day in fear. All the lights will be on in my house, I don't care how high the electric bill goes. All I know is fuck Joey Langone. This was his doing and I'll never be the same because of it. I'd wager that at least one person dies of a heart attack watching that video. Goddamit Joey you are sick in the head. I hope you run into a wall today or your dog bites you. Would be a real shame if a demon haunted you before you went to bed you stuttering prick.

Disclaimer: You are not allowed to blame me for watching the video. This whole blog is about how scary it was. That's on you.