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It Really Is Sad That Smitty's Had To Stoop So Low To Accusing Me Of Cheating


I almost felt bad responding to this...I really did. Because if this man has to stoop this low the reasoning is simple. He's just defeated. Me and Honk came out of the gates like bats out of hell last night just putting on a show everywhere we looked.

Here's how we started it off at King. Just beautiful.

And again at Bazaar. I only went 13-5, but I genuinely believe that may have been the best Gunfight game I've ever played. A clinic.

Narrator: He did win another game.

And then we start seeing in the chats that Smitty is claiming I was in him & Jeff D's discord listening to their comms! Hahahaha! As if

  1. I need to listen to fuckin' Smitty's comms to beat him
  2. My head can even compute hearing them say something like go left which would in turn be the opposite direction for me. Noway that could even happen.

And then there's the proof. Entered at 7:22 to talk shit between games and left at 7:22. But anything to make the General feel better about his shitty play!

They actually did make a nice comeback to tie it 3-3 only to get absolutely shillacked in Game by the score of 6-1. Thanks for the coming out, General!