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Happy Anniversary To Roy Hibbert's Greatest NBA Moment, And No It's Not Him Chugging The Gatorade

It's a torn relationship with Indiana and Roy Hibbert. The line is very clear where it separates, too.

Pre-All Star break 2014 it's all love with a little frustration every now and then. Post All-Star Break 2014 it just continues to go down hill. Unfortunately his career followed that line as well. 

For a while there, though, Hibbert was beloved by Pacers fans. "Big Roy". The dude had his own fan block "Area 55".

And on May 18, 2013 Roy Hibbert sealed his spot in Pacers history with his most famous block against Carmelo Anthony.

This had 90's Pacers written all over it. If Melo hits that, gets fouled, makes and and-1, any of those - it would've put us in a while with five minutes left and then all minds started to think about having to go to The Garden for Game 7. Series would have been over as soon as the clock expired. 

Roy's block saved the heartbreak. The block totally changed momentum, the Pacers rallied and ended up clinching the series right there on their home floor thank God. 

This was peak for Roy, though. That was it. He was kind of considered the "Heat stopper" weirdly there for a little bit and helped push them to 7 games in the next round, but after that it was over. 

Never been a more frustrating player starting in the next season. "HOW CAN SOMEONE BE 7'2 AND HAVE LESS REBOUNDS THAN ME?!" was Indy's most popular gripe from 2014 - 2016 when Hibbert was gone. 

But today we remember a great day for Big Roy - in fact it was the greatest day I believe.