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Naked Man Tries To Flee Drug Bust By Escaping Via Rooftop, Gives Up When He Is 'Quickly Persuaded' By Police to Climb Back Inside


A NAKED man climbed through a house’s skylight during a drugs raid.

He was still clutching cannabis as he scrambled on to the roof.

Cocaine, scales, money and his clothes were all left in his room.

There's really only one thing that comes to mind here. It's when Jessie Pinkman eats all of the shit in the world during the drug bust in the Breaking Bad pilot episode.

People actually forget that Jessie was in the middle of sticking it to what looked to be an older woman - perhaps a mother of sorts - so he too was (mostly) naked when the DEA showed up at his door. Coincidence? More than likely. But as we all know, that became the start to one of the biggest drug empires of all time. This, on the other hand, is the real world and this guy probably just got handed a fat jail sentence. 

I can't sit here and pretend to know what it's like for the cops to walk in on your drug peddling operation, then again, I'm not a drug dealer. So I can only speculate - I would never get into this line of work only because I have an irrational fear of the inside of a prison cell - that it's no fun for anyone. 

That's why it kind of makes sense to try and high tail it out of there. Cut your losses and at least somewhat keep your freedom. Might as well at least try to get away, take all of your weed and scram. Hell, Jessie Pinkman was able to get away from that drug bust in the pilot and went on to be a part of one of the biggest meth operations of all time. Why not you?!

Officers executing a warrant sealed off escape routes and persuaded him to climb back inside in Torquay. It’s not known why he was nude.

The South Devon Crime and Proactive Policing Team said: "He was quickly persuaded to return inside."

Ah boy. Goodbye freedom, hello jail.

What a terrible way to give up. He had already gone through all of the efforts of getting naked, grabbing the rest of his weed, and climbing out his skylight just to give up? What an underwhelming performance from this young lad.

It makes you wonder if he was really "persuaded" by the police or he was just too big of a puss to see if he could land the jump off his roof. I guess it makes sense to just kind of take the arrest at that point. Otherwise, it becomes this whole big thing where you have to constantly deal with evading the police. Constantly living in fear that they'll bust down your door at any point and arrest you anyway. Might as well just get arrested now.

I don't know. There's just a part of me that feels that if you're gonna make a big deal about climbing on your rooftop naked, you gotta be willing to actually evade the cops. You can't just hide from them of your fucking roof bro. Not how it works. On the bright side, I suppose he'll have a lot of time to plan his next escape route.