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I Can't Stop Thinking About This Picture Of Dennis Rodman And Carmen Electra From 'The Last Dance'

I wasn't gonna blog this. I could've blogged it last night ,and didn't, but then I woke up this morning and was still thinking about it. What we've got in that picture is Dennis Rodman fresh off a 3-peat with the Bulls, smoking a cigar and wearing nWo pants while hanging out with his ultimate smoke girlfriend Carmen Electra. We're talking prime prime PRIME Carmen Electra. This was in '98 so Carmen is 26 years old at at the time. The Bulls were on top of the world, Rodman had just gotten his 5th ring (two with the Pistons) and now he would be spending the next few days/weeks/months with Carmen fucking Electra. Pretty damn good if you ask me.

And listen, was it great to be Michael Jordan back then (and now)? Yes, of course. If you're MJ you're widely regarded as the greatest basketball player to ever step on the court, you're one of the greatest winners ever, the entire world loves you, you've got bajillion dollars thanks to your best-selling show, etc etc. Things are about as good as they can be from a professional stand point. I mean ESPN made a fucking 10-part documentary about how awesome you are. But is it all that better than being Dennis Rodman hanging out with and getting to have sexual relations with mid-20s Carmen Electra on a regular basis? Some would argue no and I might be one of them. Jordan himself said he hated all of the attention sometimes. I'm not saying MJ would trade lives with Rodman but what I am saying is that I think Jordan would change lives with Rodman for that night and that night only. Who wouldn't?

Oh and what did they do next? Dennis says to kiss the trophy so they kiss the trophy

Top. Of. The Damn. World. Something tells me Larry O'Brien found himself involved in a threesome that night.