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Imagine Thinking You Could Stop New Jersey From Going To The Gym In The Summer

The year was 1347. The Black Plague was decimating the world's population. It wiped out nearly 50% of the population and guess what? People in New Jersey were still clangin' and bangin' around those weights in the gym. People in New Jersey were still crushing triple supersets on the daily. Buddy,,,you fuckin' think you can get this fuckin' shredded by being a little bitch and going for little runs everyday? Fuck no, bro. Iron for breakfast, iron for lunch, and an unlimited supply of ass for dinner because you're fuckin' jacked, you got a fresh cut, and you're about to grind until your dick falls off. 

So here's the thing--if you couldn't stop Jersey from lifting during the Black Plague, then you sure as shit aren't going to get them to stop going to the gym now. Read a history book one time for me. 

The only chance the state of New Jersey had at keeping the gyms closed was to keep the beaches closed. But now that the beaches are open? What did you expect? That everybody would show up looking like a bag of milk? That everybody would show up with a body that looks like a properly proofed batch of sourdough? Not a chance. Not a goddamn chance. 

GTL 4 Life. 

By the way--not to judge or anything but I have a sneaking suspicion that roughly 98% of these protesters haven't seen the inside of a gym since the Reagan administration.