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Scottish Dude Hilariously Points Out Everything Horrible With The Apartment He's Moving Out Of After Being Asked To Make a Virtual Tour

First things first, this man has an incredible accent. He could be telling me I only have a few days to live and I'd leave the doctor's office in a joyful mood, optimistic about my remaining hours. Scottish accents just make me want to get drunk and have a good time. 

Landlords, however, can be quite assholes —especially if they're forcing you to move out of your flat/apartment during a global pandemic. Looks like they requested this dude to make a video of what the place looks like so they can show perspective clients. Another asshole move. It's 2020, how do you not have a video of the place you rent out by now? Anyways, this guy was asked to make a video and a video he made. 

There was no warning of what the video had to consist of so this fella decided to point out everything shitty about it which includes but is not limited to: a fireplace that does not work, ants, crooked shelves, an oven and stove that do not work, dryer that does not dry clothes, a fan that is louder than a twin engine jet, broken kitchen door that will lock you in, crooked floor, another door that doesn't work, an ugly backyard with fences, a terrible rat problem, and some damp issue in the ceiling. Other than that it's a great flat that will be very welcoming during this crazy pandemic. A real gem in the market these days if I do say so myself. 

This fine gentleman did not mention whether he was taking his artwork with him though. There were some fine pieces that were definitely not hung up 5 seconds before filming this masterpiece.

we got a fucking ghost too? they giving this place away for free?

The last piece of art is a reference to this Boris Johnson looking guy at some protest over the weekend. Topical comedy!

A+++++ video all around. Hard to make out of every word, but that's the beauty of the Scottish accent. Just say 'fuck' a few times and I'll be entertained. 

He did not talk about the ghost problem that I wish he spent 5 minutes on. This guy talking about ghosts is all I need now. Give me this guy with a bottle of whisky talking about paranormal activity and ranting about the kid who installed those shelves and I'll forget all the shitty stuff going on in the world right now. Here's to this fella finding a new apartment that makes him happy.