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Why Did the Utah Jazz Think This Was a Good Idea?

That's right. Someone in the Utah Jazz "In-Game Entertainment" department thought it would be a good idea to use the Bulls' own intro song against them. For the record, I know the song is called "Sirius" by The Alan Parsons Project but that song belongs to the Bulls. Alan told me so himself before we decided to put this out in '82.

This isn't even hindsight speaking either since we know how Game 6 turned out (no spoilers). The Jazz were losing the series at the time, you understand. I get that you want to pull out all the stops for the home crowd and get them hyped up for the biggest game of the season. I also understand that Michael fucking Jordan was standing on the other sideline. A man that has admitted to MAKING UP THINGS OTHER PEOPLE SAID TO HIM in order to motivate himself. And you play the song he comes out to for every home game? Wouldn't you want to throw him out of his comfort zone, not help get him into it? I'm surprised they didn't cut his breakfast cigars for him. That would really piss Mike off!!!

At the very least, if you're going to try to get in Jordan's head then get all the way in his head. I would have shown him striking out repeatedly as a Birmingham Baron on the Jumbotron. I would have brought the guy that beat out Jordan for the last spot on the basketball team in high school in to sit behind the Bulls bench. Show one of those scoreboard games where you try to find the ball under the moving cups because you know Jordan couldn't help but trying to get Scott Burrell to bet $100 on the winner. Literally anything other than what they actually did.

I know all about "The Shot" but this was the exact moment the Jazz lost that game:

Can't wait for the Finale tonight and a chance to laugh at Karl Malone.