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A Korean Soccer Club Had To Apologize For Using Sex Dolls Instead Of Regular Mannequins To Fill The Stands

[Source] - Website say FC Seoul packed their stadium out with mannequins ahead of their clash against Gwangju FC. 

It was claimed the figures were actually life-size sex dolls - though how they knew this for certain is less clear. Turns out, however, they were right, with FC Seoul issuing an apology on Instagram in which they blamed the supplier for the mix up

This was bound to happen, right? There are only so many mannequins in the world that someone was bound to 'accidentally' use sex dolls in the stands. Here's the thing. I LOVE the move. I hate the apology. Why apologize? You know what's missing in sports with the no fans in the stands? Homefield advantage. I've said it before but I'm all for finding a way to create that advantage. Whether it's the app that lets people boo or cheer or sex dolls, who cares? Don't tell me kids are watching, no one really knew they were sex dolls until someone put it on Twitter. 

This is the apparent apology - I don't speak Korean, but it's there. Naturally they blamed someone else - the supplier. Again, that's smart. Deny, deny, deny. 

Smart to give them masks. I don't know why but that's the most hilarious thing about it all. Sex dolls with masks just to get the point across. That and all I can think about is the It's Always Sunny episode with the Dennis sex doll 

And guess what? It worked! They won 1-0. You can't convince me the sex dolls in the stands didn't play a role in that. It's like when The Replacements use the cheerleaders to distract a team

The fact more teams don't use an advantage like that is crazy. So don't apologize FC Seoul, you got the win. That's all that matters.