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Senior Night Stinker: Texas Tech Takes a 58-20 Dump on West Virginia

You have got to tip your cap to Texas Tech Head Coach Gus Duggerton. He may not have made Saturday afternoon's clash with West Virginia interesting on the scoreboard, but the first-year leader still managed to make headlines in the No. 23 Red Raiders' 58-20 rout over the Mountaineers by...

... taking a dump in the middle of the game.

One might wonder: you have all day to take care of that business, Coach Duggs! Why now in the middle of your stream?

Great question! Here's your answer in one tweet:

Eating all this before kickoff and then needing to head to the toilet? Uhhhhhh ya think.

The Red Raider offense, led by QB Gunnar Wesson, was once again in sync for the majority of the game.

The one negative thing coming out of this one for Texas Tech fans, however, is the gunslinger's interception-less streak coming to an end.

It's hard to grill Wesson and Coach Duggs' decision making, though. The duo now has the Red Raiders (8-3, 6-2) right near the top of the Big 12 standings. With no Conference Championship game available, there is one more opportunity for TTU to build its resume before bowl invites begin. That comes on Monday night at Iowa State. Watch here:

(Thumbnail courtesy of Texas Tech Athletics)