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Based on Marty Walsh Saying He Can’t Open Boston Because Not Enough People Have Been Exposed To Corona Yet I Think I Have Figured Out A Solution That Works For Everybody

NYPOST - Boston’s mayor has put his plans for reopening the city on ice after a new study revealed that nearly 90% of residents haven’t been exposed to the coronavirus.

Mayor Marty Walsh had intended to gradually lift Boston’s lockdown starting Monday but changed his mind when he learned of the findings. Other parts of Massachusetts, however, are beginning to restart their economies.

“We can draw two preliminary conclusions from the results of this study,” Walsh said at a news conference Friday. “First, that the actions we took early on in this pandemic made a real difference in slowing the spread and, second, that the majority of our population still have not been exposed to the virus. This underscores what we already know, that we have to move cautiously and stay focused on what got us this far.”

So I’ll admit when I first read this article it sounded like something from the Onion. “Like sorry we can’t reopen the city because not enough people contracted Corona because we were on lockdown so we’re gonna have to remain on lockdown indefinitely so people don’t catch Corona”

Quite the catch 22 there Marty, but I get it.   He’s essentially saying we locked down too fucking good.  Now if everybody goes out at once everybody will catch it because nobody has had it yet.   

Unfortunately he doesn’t offer a solution on how to fix this except to stay in lockdown forever.   

But don’t fear people the big brain is here to solve everybody’s problems with a solution that should please everybody.    How about we just let people decide whether they want to stay inside or not.  Whether they want to go to a restaurant or bar or not.  Continue to strike the fear of god in everybody and tell everybody that the disease is going to kill mankind, but then let people make their own choices.   This way everybody wins right?

The people who choose to go outside will be exposed to the virus and this accomplish what we need.  A gradual opening just like Mayor Walsh says we need.   And people who are pro lockdown can remain inside while those who want to get on with their lives can do that.   Everybody knows the situation.   Corona is still here.  It may or may not be the deadly plague that many people say it is, but there is only 1 way to find out and that's by letting people re-assimilate into the population.   This will be the gradual opening that Marty Walsh needs while simultaneously letting people take back control of their own destiny and decide for themselves whether their jobs and businesses are essential or not.