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LeBron James and Maverick Carter Are Coming Out With a Houston Astros Cheating Documentary That Seems Wildly Unnecessary Right Now


LeBron James' Uninterrupted and The Cinemart are producing an upcoming documentary about the Houston Astros cheating scandal that will stream on Quibi, the streaming platform announced Friday. 

Per the release's logline, "Sign Language," will give "viewers an inside look at the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal and its unprecedented fallout, making it one of the most far-reaching cheating schemes in sport’s history." The film is said to be going beyond baseball and will explorer broader themes related to greed, cheating, corruption, sportsmanship and social media activism.

Way back in February a random sports enthusiast got wind of a story going on in baseball. Flash forward a few months and he's making a whole documentary about it.  

I know LeBron is in sports and is just a sports junkie regardless his own sport he plays, but this seems rushed. Listen I'm all about the inter-workings of the Astros cheating scandal. I've written dozens of blogs, published numerous tweets, yelled tens of thousands of words, but do we really need a documentary about it right now? 

 What new information is going to be revealed in this doc? It's not like you're getting any Astros to talk. You're not going to get any players from the Yankees or Dodgers to say anything new. They all just want to move on and play baseball at this point. Doesn't this seem like the wrong time for a full documentary? 

In order for this documentary to be must-watch it needs to come out years from now after all the dust has settled. Whenever baseball resumes we need to see how opposing teams and fans deal with these guys. We need to see if the Astros were able to use this as motivation or if it really affected them on the field. You need to see if Hinch, Beltran and Cora get re-hired and the fall out from that. If something like this came out in 10-15 years it would be unbelievable because you'd get guys like Judge and Kershaw to speak candidly and not give a fuck. They're not going to give you anything good right now. They spoke to the media already and that's it. 

This seems like something that is being made for fans who didn't follow the scandal closely over the last 7 months and need a crash course. We've got docs on the late Roy Halladay and the 1998 home run chase coming out. Those are going to be must watch. Not some bullshit Quibi video because it has LeBron's name attached to it.