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Olympic Tracklete Darya Klishina Turned Down $200K a Month to Be Some Guy's Escort

If there's two things we learn every two years during the Summer and Winter Olympic Games is that every athlete either:

A) Just lost a loved one who was instrumental in their life and therefore this is dedicated to her/him.

B) Has gotten to the Games through years of hard work and sacrifice, putting their life on hold for this moment. 

Meet Darya Klishina of Russia, or whatever they're calling the team whose country is banned for doping up their athletes like their the bastard children of a thoroughbred race horse and Ivan Drago. She not only put her life on hold to make it to the Tokyo Games that are now put off until next year, she turned down a very lucrative Indecent Proposal. 

BSO - Olympic long jumper, Darya Klishina, recently revealed that she received an offer to become an escort in the US. The details from Klishina aren’t extremely detailed, but the current Atlanta, GA resident says she was totally shocked by the offer. ...

“Can you imagine? I was offered to provide escort services. It was less than six months ago. I was really shocked,” Klishina said, talking to

“An unknown man messaged me on Instagram. I’m not in the habit of being rude, but I adamantly rejected the offer.

“[I said] ‘Sorry, but I’m not interested in that.’ But he continued: ‘Oh please, don’t refuse it, you don’t know all the terms. I’m offering you a huge amount of money.’ He said I will earn $200,000 per month. I was just wondering do I really come across as an escort girl?”

I'm here to support Darya in her decision as a strong, empowered, independent woman of the world. On that front, I'm glad for her sake she turned it down. Because any offer like that from a rando who slides into your DM's is not going to be limited to just being arm candy for him while he goes to premieres and gala luncheons or whatever. You just know for that money he's going to want all sorts of weirdo stuff involving food and feet and urine and god only knows what else. Imagine the creepiest stuff you possibly can and your average Russian millionaire does things weirder than that by an order of magnitude, every day of his life. Before he's even had his first morning vodka. 

So I'm here for moral support and not judge whether she comes across as an escort girl. But I'm also here for the clicks, so let's have at it. 

I don't know exactly what "an escort girl" is supposed to look like, but that's gonna be a "no" from me, Dawg. I think she does not. Which is probably something that drives her price up considerably. Again, I congratulate her for Darya for her good judgment and warn anyone about the aforementioned creep factor. But if she ever was going to take the offer, I'd suggest she hold out for at least a million a month.