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Do Yourself A Favor And Watch Kevin Durant's New Basketball Documentary Tonight

It's been a little while since that trailer first dropped so I wanted to remind everyone if you're looking for something to watch tonight because you've gone through everything on Netflix, I can't recommend this enough. No big deal or anything but a stoolie who knows people sent me an early copy a little while ago and it was just as awesome as I hoped it would be once I first saw that trailer. Let me say quickly that if any of you are also working on any sweet ass documentaries with NBA players and you want to give me an early look, my DMs couldn't be more open. Can't get enough when it comes to basketball docs.

As someone who really had no idea about PG County before I first read about this project, it's insane how many incredible NBA players have all come from the same area. When you think of the Mecca's of basketball, I'm pretty sure not many people are going to say PG County but maybe they should be getting more love. As a reminder, this is the type of talent I'm talking about and it's not even the whole list

Kevin Durant

Len Bias

Michael Beasley

Victor Oladipo

Markelle Fultz

Jeff Green

Quinn Cook

Ty Lawson

Jerami Grant

Jarrett Jack

Rodney McGruder

Delonte West

Danny Ferry

You don't have to be from the DC area to enjoy it either. It's a great basketball story and the perfect way to spend a quarantine Friday night. If you love basketball and are a fan of basketball documentaries, this is right up your alley.