Bills GM Brandon Beane Recounts Learning of Vontae Davis Infamously Retiring at Halftime

A couple years ago, Vontae Davis pulled off the all-time "fuck it" move when he decided at halftime of the Bills' 31-20 loss to the Chargers. Bills general manager Brandon Beane talked to Pat McAfee and told his side of the story and how he learned one of his players had retired in the middle of a game.

"I thought, in my head, 'He's pulling himself out, something's hurt,' ... or, he and a coach got into it," Beane said. "Never in my mind did I think he's, like, done with the NFL."

Last month, LeSean McCoy and Tre'Davious White recalled the incident during an Instagram live and told what happened from their perspectives on the sideline that day.

I get why everybody would have been upset in the moment, but this is an objectively hilarious story. Davis had decided then and there that he had played enough football and taken enough hits and he was done. And to his credit, Beane said he paid back any sort of money he wa owed for the rest of that season — that he probably could have fought and kept, in all likelihood. He had simply had enough.

I think this worked out for everybody involved. Davis made everything right and didn't want to screw anybody over or anything like that; he had simply had enough of playing football. So he retired.