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Watch The Greatest Thief In The World Steal 2 Sheep And A Cow Using A Nissan Sedan

I have seen a lot of great thieving in my day. Danny Ocean robbed three casinos of millions of dollars with a well-executed plan. Carmen Sandiego stole countless large and famous landmarks using sleight of hand. And Frank Abagnale Jr. took the shirt off Pan-Am's back with only the assistance of a typewriter and stickers.

But all three of those criminal legends take a crowded backseat to my guy in the silver shirt stealing two sheep and a cow in a Nissan using nothing but ingenuity and a calming influence on animals. I've watched this video five times and it still feels like an optical illusion.

Being a former stockboy at a pool store, I have loaded my fair share of cars with oversized filter boxes. The battles I won against trunks by playing the angles like Magic Johnson on a fast break are stuff of legend. Yet despite the countless pelts on my wall, the minute I saw a Nissan enter the parking lot, I would tell them to turn around. No need in trying to try to work in the box in for show. There was simply no way we were fitting anything in that Nissan. However, the Magician of Cairo (my personal nickname for him) being able to fit three livestock animals with a combined 12 legs and hundreds of pounds into a Nissan sedan is the most mind boggling thing I have ever seen a crook do, and that includes DeAndre Baker allegedly throwing away millions of dollars as a pro football player to rob people at a cookout of $7000 and two watches.