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Well then what is it? I need to know because that chicken juice shit grosses me the fuck out. Walking the bag of trash to the garage can and there’s a tiny pin hole in that thing. Next thing you know, you feel a little drip, drip, drip on your ankle. You aren’t wearing socks because you’ll just slide your shoes on to take the trash out. No sock. Chicken juice shoe. Summer. Stink city population you and your now garbage-brothed shoes. Yuck.

That happens and now you find out the juice isn’t water just by seeing an automated ad on the barstool sports app and you probably shouldn’t click those out of an abundance of caution for your computer or phone’s health. Has that ever happened to you? nah? Me either. I ALWAYS click those links. It’s like lining my own pockets with Dave’s pockets. (I see none of that money but still click because I’m sure someone does. Probably Barstool Eddie. What a rapscallion.

Ps: it’s a chicken tray, not a chicken BAG! Fucking idiots.