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A #PickEm Done Right...With a Real Hypothetical $15 Budget!

I know what you're thinking: Dickey Simpkins is the best name of all time. It's a stone cold fact. But you might also be thinking, two #pickems in one day? Is everything ok at home, Whiskers??

First things first, absolutely not. But THIS is a real #pickem unlike that disgrace from earlier that won't be mentioned any further after this day.

Build Your Ideal PG County Lineup for $15

They don't give the criteria so I imagine I'm building a streetball team that will go state to state, court to court taking on the best each lineup that each county has to offer. PG county is legendary for ballers, as is Cook County (shoutout to Chicago). The LA area would have a good roster but I'm not sure how many of those guys are from Orange or LA county or wherever tf. Let's get to it.

Kevin Durant $5 (Remaining: $10)

The easiest #pickem that I've ever pickem'd. We're playing streetball and KD is still 7'5" and 240 lbs. Even if he's still recovering, I want him as my focal point. Everything else is built around him.

Len Bias $5 (Remaining: $5)

I'm blowing money fast and I'd have it no other way. Imagine trying to get a couple runs in at the local basketball court and you look across at your opponent and see KEVIN DURANT and LEN BIAS as the frontcourt. Everyone is familiar with how his story ended but if you've never taken the time to watch some Bias highlights, do yourself a favor this fine Friday.

Also, note that Bias was listed at 6'8", 210. Yeah ok:

Writers at the time say he would have been the Bird to Michael Jordan's Magic in the 1980s, in terms of a rival. As is, he shores up my frontcourt with KD. Thinking about taking the remaining $5 and getting myself some lunch because my team is set.

Ty Lawson $2 (Remaining: $3)

Ty Lawson for two bucks is a steal! Tyler Hansbrough was the star of a title team that eventually sent seven guys to the NBA, but the year they won the title? Lawson was the ACC Player of the Year. He had a four-year run in Denver averaging 16/3/8 on 45/36/77 shooting and imagine how his quickness translates to a streetball court. He's my point guard.

Jarrett Jack $2 (Remaining: $1)

The only reason I picked Jarrett Jack was to post that thread. 

Rodney McGruder $1 (Remaining: $0)

McGruder had a nice college career at Kansas State and I was Today years old when I found out he was from PG County. Smart teams in the NBA like him (He was with the Heat for three seasons before being waived and immediately picked up by the Clippers). He's only a career 34% 3P shooter but he's my 3ish-and-Dish guy.

Kevin Durant-Len Bias-Ty Lawson-Jarrett Jack-Rodney McGruder